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cyanogenmod 9

A company called TripNDroid Mobile Engineering has just released CyanogenMod 9 for the quad-core, Tegra 3 variant of the HTC One X smartphone. The developers behind the rom state that since it was built from source it will not be inhibited by any parts of HTC’s OS overlay, Sense. From the attached report, there are still a few issues that are not ironed out yet but for most of it, it works as you would expect it to. What currently is working fine is mobile network (data, calls, sms etc.), GPS, Bluetooth, Bluetooth tethering, WiFi, Hardware video decoder, 2D and 3D hardware acceleration, audio as well as audio recording.

For now, the camera and the Wi-Fi hotspot capability do not work yet. A feature that was added to what the developer describes as a rom which is close to stock CM9 as possible is the needlessness of a hardware menu key which has switches to a multi-tasking feature in this rom. If you are interested and understand all the risks behind flashing the rom click here for a full set of instructions as well as the download link for the rom. Of course to clarify, only the quad-core HTC One X can use this rom and not the dual-core LTE enabled ones.

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