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News that 310 comments around the country has sent ripples of shock through the Magenta carrier. As it comes to pass, employees are once again afraid for their jobs. While the rationale behind the closure of the call center is there for all to digest, it doesn’t change the fact that news of this type is never easy to hear. Instead of commenting incessantly on something of which I cannot understand, it is only right to hear from a few of the employees who might be facing the axe through comments that they have posted. What follows are a few of the many comments made by employees of the T-Mobile call center.

–I was honestly shocked and speechless! It was my day off and i got the text and then phone call i had to sit down i was shaking! I put 6 years of my life there and now it’s over! We were all worried about AT&T closing us and our own company pulls the rug out from underneath us!

–I am one of those employees that will be gone after June 2012, I praise God for the memories and sincere T-Mobile values I was taught. They praised concern and honesty, I know many people won’t believe it, but it’s true. I thank them for all they did for my family and I in 3 years. I’m at peace.

–These reps were on the phones, doing there (their) jobs when this e-mail bomb dropped. My friend (from a closing center) told me there were riots of yelling, crying, and disappointment. T-Mobile should realize people build our lives around this job, we love what we do, and the news should have been dropped a little lighter. My friend is a single mother of 2 who just purchased her 1st home about 3 months ago. The bottom line is jobs will be lost, not everyone can transfer, what about those people.

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