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If you have been a Sprint loyalist and are holding on for dear life waiting for a new Windows Phone, we have news for you. Sources close to Sprint’s LTE game plan have revealed that the company plans to begin development on a new LTE Windows Phone. This speculation coincides with reports stating that Sprint had been keeping an eye out for Qualcomm MSM8960 and even dropped hints that Nokia could be the OEM with the job of bringing the device to reality.

The folks over at Sprintfeed have confirmed that the unseen device will in fact carry Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon, but as for the selection of OEM, the choice still is beneath murky waters. As happy as we may be to see that Sprint plans to release another Windows Phone handset, sources have fueled online reports with talk of the handset going through literally a battery of tests over the next few months which would mean that we might only see the device out in fall at it’s earliest.

With Windows Phone 8 Apollo, set to release towards the ending of the year, this would confirm that Sprint have given Microsoft a free hand with their mobile operating system at least until the arrival of Apollo. If you were a fan of the Windows Phones and you are currently with Sprint, does the idea of a LTE Windows Phone powered by Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon processor have the power to ground you and force you to grit your teeth until its release or would you consider another carrier?

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