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A tester for the AT&T HTC One X has leaked a few photos and some information regarding his experience with the phone thus far. Amongst what he has allegedly said are that the device has just gone in for field testing with AT&T last week, according to the test schedule, the phone should be released somewhere around mid-May, although the phone has been terrific so far, he doesn’t like the fact that there isn’t a microSD slot and removable battery.

He goes on to say battery life seems to be very good, screen quality is insane and everything is smooth, the test units show the Beats audio logo but they didn’t get the headphones and lastly that since he is just a tester and not a salesman, he cannot provide information regarding the price yet and if he does come across any information of the sort, he will be sure to pass the word.

On top of that, the reported tester also included several screenshots of benchmark scores which are blazing as expected from the Snapdragon S4 which is powering the device. They have been embedded for your perusal.



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