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T-Mobile logoOut of the four major carriers, both AT&T and Verizon already have 4G LTE networks established, and Sprint has announced plans to roll out an LTE network of their own as well. This leaves T-Mobile as the only major carrier who sports a HSPA+ network as their fastest possible connection, but the good news for T-Mobile subscribers is that the carrier has announced their plans to roll out an LTE network of their own for 2013. Granted it’s still quite a way to go, but it’s still progress!

This is possible thanks to the additional spectrum that T-Mobile managed to get thanks to the deal with AT&T falling through. For those who aren’t familiar, part of AT&T and T-Mobile’s agreement was if the merger should fall through, AT&T would pay T-Mobile a sum of money (breakup fee if you want to call it that), and at the same time provide them with AWS spectrum. We guess something good came out of the deal falling through, so T-Mobile subscribers, you guys have an LTE network to look forward to in 2013! No word on when exactly the network will roll out, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled, so stay tuned!

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