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With all the fuss surrounding the iPhone 4S, Motorola Droid Razr and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, one device has been quietly sitting in the back, until it appeared in Verizon’s system and the phone is none other than the HTC Rezound. This phone has been mentioned a while back, and as the name implies, it will be another one of HTC’s Beats Audio integrated phones.

It is expected to feature a dual-core processor with a HD display, and based on what Verizon’s system is showing above, it will also come with 4G LTE compatibility and it looks like it could be a world phone (much like the iPhone 4S). An earlier roadmap leak suggests that the HTC Rezound will be arriving on the 20th of October, although with all the attention the Galaxy Nexus/Droid Razr will be getting, will this be pushed to a later date or will see a quiet release instead?

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