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The HTC Thunderbolt, released a few months ago, may be seeing its successor soon, or so a spycam shot of a handout given by a Verizon rep to a Best Buy employee seems to indicate. The Thunderbolt 2 appears to be the name of the HTC Vigor if and when it makes its way onto Verizon, and interestingly enough there seems to be a mention of a Samsung Prime device.

In terms of “Prime” devices, there is the Samsung DROID Prime which is rumored to be Verizon’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy S2, and then there’s also the Samsung Nexus Prime which is rumored to be the third in the series of Nexus devices. While it does not state which Prime Verizon is referring to, it looks like either one of the Prime devices will be replacing the DROID Charge.

Does this confirm the existence of a Prime device by Samsung? We can’t say for sure, and with all rumors they’re best taken with a grain of salt, but it’s nice to fantasize once in a while!

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