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Wired charging solutions aren’t exactly an issue, but there are some people who prefer the ease and convenience of inductive charging. A student in Germany by the name of Qian Qin felt really strongly about the joys of inductive charging, which was why he decided to come up with a way to make his Samsung Galaxy S Plus inductive charging capable.

Taking a Palm Pre back cover and a Touchstone dock, he took the charging circuit out of the Palm Pre and stuck it into the Samsung Galaxy S Plus’ cover. Since he did not want to void his device’s warranty or have unsightly cables sticking out all over the place, he had to cut certain wires really short so it did not stick out of the device, before he soldered it all together. Evidently it works just fine, so if you’re interested in modifying your Galaxy S Plus handset and making it into an inductive charging capable device without voiding warranty, head on down to Qian Qin’s website for more instructions and a video.

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