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Just yesterday we talked about how there was a rumor going about the internet that Texas Instruments’s OMAP processor could be the first processor that may be supporting Android’s upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich platform. Well today Texas Instruments has come to and said that they are already working on a successor to their upcoming OMAP5 chips, possibly to be named OMAP6.

With these new processors, which are said to be due in 2012, the company is claiming that the processors should be able to provide users with “true all day computing” although there was no specific duration given. The processors will be focusing on efficiency rather than raw power, which seems to be the opposite direction of where NVidia is headed with their upcoming Tegra-3 “Kal-El” quad core chips.

Ever since the release of smartphones, there have been a number of apps and methods that can be found online that are said to help you manage battery life, but perhaps with these new TI chips we may be able to carry and use our smartphones for days without having to charge it.

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