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Looking to get in on a new music service? It appears that RIM has plans to introduce their very own music service which will be conducted through their BBM service. Basically users can share songs with each other by directly sending songs to each other via BBM, but unfortunately it appears that the limit is set to 50 songs unlike other cloud music services, which effectively allows the streaming of millions of songs.

The talks are currently private so not much is known about the details but it is expected to cost $10 a month, where the charges are added to the phone bill as opposed to being a separate fee. Naturally the record companies are expected to take a cut of the $10 fee but that’s pretty much all that is known at the moment.

What do you think? Is RIM’s planned music service something you might be interested in subscribing? The 50 song limit is quite a put-off but perhaps when more details are revealed we might understand why.

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