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If you’re an Android user it looks like there’s a new Android malware out there and this one has the ability to record your voice conversations. Most malware just messes with the user’s phone, opening up unsolicited websites and what not, but I guess this one falls into the more dangerous category. Given that not all of us stores our private and sensitive information on our phone, sometimes we give away details like credit card numbers and passwords over the phone because we don’t think that people may be tapping in.

The malware will prompt the user with an install with an approval prompt that looks pretty legit and adds a remote server configuration file to your handset. The voice recordings are then saved on to your phone’s SD card and security researchers suspect that those recordings will be uploaded to the remote server.

I guess if you tend to use your phone for storing of sensitive data or hold calls that may contain P&C conversations, you should probably avoid downloading suspicious applications, or at least download apps that have legit reviews and ratings.

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