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Samsung intends to break new ground with a spanking new cylindrical AMOLED display that will see action in their new smartphones – assuming those will roll out in time for a 2012 debut. Earlier this year at different events, Samsung Mobile Display did parade a 4.5″ flexible high resolution AMOLED display, so that might be a precursor of things to come. Samsung Mobile Display intends to fully ramp up the production line of this flexible display by the time 2012 rolls around, The whole idea? To roll out a cylindrical smartphone that has an AMOLED display. Currently, Samsung is able to roll out a flexible AMOLED with WVGA resolution at 800 x 480 pixels, sporting a 2cm diameter on a plastic substrate.  Glass substrate cannot be used for the nature of such a manufacturing move, since a special plastic material is required to achieve such high resolutions (for the standard anyways) as well as the ability to bend. A cylindrical smartphone sounds cool, we wonder what kind of user interface will see action with it.

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