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If you were still undecided on the HTC ChaCha, do you think that a processor upgrade would be a good enough reason for you to get it? The device is currently running on Android Gingerbread 2.3 and features deep Facebook integration as the Facebook logo on the device itself implies. What makes this device unique is that unlike other Android devices, this features a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen all in candy bar form.

Despite no official announcements, the HTC ChaCha is expected to be making its way to AT&T some time in the summer or early fall and more importantly, it seems that the device has undergone an upgrade of its processor which was previously a 600MHz Qualcomm processor to an 800MHz Qualcomm processor, an increase of 33% which by right should be making the device faster. The rest of the device features 512mb of RAM, 512mb of ROM, microSD support to 32gb, 1250mah battery,WiFi, GPS, and both front and rear facing cameras.

If that was enough to convince you to get your hands on the HTC ChaCha, just hang in there till summer/fall and you should be seeing the device hit the market.

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