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Galaxy S iPhoneT-Mobile has just put up an interesting proposition for all Apple fanboys living in Seattle. This weekend, if you have an iPhone, you’re welcome to head down to one of the participating T-Mobile stores to take part in a contest. If you win, you get $1,000 and probably bragging rights of beating another band to it. Not a bad idea right? The only problem is, you’ll be going up against the Samsung Galaxy S 4G – which isn’t even much faster than the current iPhone but it has a 4G connection. Depending on what sort of speed tests they’ll be carrying out, if you have an iPhone you’ll probably lose.

But don’t worry about losing – you won’t have to for out $1,000 to pay T-Mobile, but T-Mobile will be giving you the chance to trade in your iPhone for $300 bucks off on purchasing the Galaxy S 4G. Since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of rules to what sort of iPhone you need to use – it could be the first generation iPhone which would be a pretty good deal if you bring it to a T-Mo store. Though I’m curious to know if a jailbroken/tweaked iPhone could beat the Galaxy S 4G at its own game. Regardless, if you’re interested in trying out or just watching other people have fun, check out the list of locations running the promo this weekend.

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