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The Motorola Xoom might have impressed you but then that $600 price tag is a bit of a hindrance, ain’t it? You can of course look for inexpensive options that pack a similar feature set and one of them is the gTablet from ViewSonic. Talk about similarities between the Xoom and gTablet and the first one is the screen size at 10.1-inches. Another similarity is the presence of an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. The gTablet also boasts of a 1.3MP camera for web conferencing, WiFi and Bluetooth. As far as the memory is concerned, g Tablet comes with 16GB of memory installed via microSD card, which can be updated to 32GB. The one stark difference between these two tablets is the OS as the gTablet features Android 2.2 and not Android 3.0 which is tailor-made for tablet devices. gTablet is available via Woot for a lowly price of $280, but the deal, like all other Woot offers is only valid for a day.

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