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Vibrant FroyoWhen T-Mobile’s Vibrant received the Froyo update last week, people were pretty much jumping for joy. It’s been a week since the update, and it looks like things aren’t as great as they seem. Like with every new release of an operating system, there are bound to be bugs, and T-Mobile Vibrant users have been plagued with them throughout the week. Some of the common bugs users have been experiencing are: email notifications and sounds not playing on the stock mail app, random vibrating, problems sending MMS messages, apps mysteriously disappearing and WiFi calls dropping randomly. It’s disappointing to see such a huge number of problems introduced to the phone after a long-awaited update, especially since it was delayed due to extensive testing. But at least you have Froyo right? Let us know if you’ve upgraded your Vibrant or you’ve decided to wait it out before taking the plunge. If you’re interested, the T-Mobile forum has a sticky thread that answers a lot of your Froyo questions after updating.

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