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We managed to uncover word that LG’s Ally smartphone will be receiving the long awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update in February since last year, but now we have better news – this update will arrive earlier than expected according to a leaked image. A bunch of LG Ally users have mentioned that the update is already, and is more than willing to make its mark on your smartphone. Upon checking with Verizon’s site, the Froyo update information for the LG Ally has been listed, weighing in at 52.3MB, where it will update the device to Android 2.2 VS740ZVD. Best to be on Wi-Fi to download this update, unless you have an unlimited data plan. Among the improvements include better security options such as remote device wipe, device lock, password complexity, and a minimum password length, while a long press of the physical home key lets you switch between the last eight applications used. There is no mention on whether Adobe Flash 10.1 will see action on the LG Ally though, so stay tuned. If you’ve already upgraded your Ally, how do you find it?

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