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Quirky Digit

With the temperatures outside getting colder by the day, people are starting to wear gloves just so they can stay comfortable in the winter. But the problem with smartphones nowadays is that almost all of them use capacitive touchscreens- which don’t work when your fingers are wrapped up in gloves. There have been many solutions to this problem- snipping holes at the edge of your gloves, wearing special gloves, or wearing no gloves at all. The thing about wearing special gloves is that they aren’t your favorite pair, and they probably don’t match what you’re wearing. But the folks over at Quirky have released a solution to this problem. Called the Digit- this clever invention is basically a pin which you can easily attach to the fingertips of your favorite gloves. The pin basically acts as an extension of your finger tips to interact with the touchscreen through the gloves. It comes in a set of four- one for each finger (usually the forefinger and thumb) you plan to use your touchscreen with and is available now for $13.99. A pretty dandy winter gift if you ask me. Make sure you get them before winter is over, or they’ll be left unused for another year.

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