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Leaked Dell email

A lot of people were left disappointed when the Android 2.2 update for their AT&T-locked Dell Streak didn’t arrive over the air last week. Consumers were all left hopeful and waiting for an official response from Dell but received none. Well now, thanks to two internal Dell emails that leaked online, we know that the update will be arriving in early January next year (presumably the week of January 12- but dates are always subject to change). In the meantime, users who bought their Streaks carrier-unlocked can simply update their phones by going to Settings > About Device > System Updates. AT&T-locked Dell Streak users will just have to wait until next year or flash a custom ROM if they want the latest Android update. There’s no telling to why the AT&T update has been delayed while the ones for the unlocked-Streak are available. But judging from the amount of negative comments online, it’s not helping the reputation of Dell and AT&T.

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