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Samsung M360

While taking care of their high-end users with their 4G networks, Sprint hasn’t forgotten about the low-end users as well. Not everybody needs a smartphone in their lives- sometimes a simple cell that can just call and text will do. This is where the Samsung M360 comes in. Samsung’s basic feature phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, threaded text messaging (quite nifty for those planning to text a lot), a web browser and a 3.5mm jack for your own set of head phones. With an internal 320 x 240 display and a 128 x 128 external display to tell you the time, battery life and misc info, the M360 is a capable phone for those on a tight budget or aren’t looking for much. The Samsung M360 is available now for free (after a $209 rebate- $159 instant savings and $50 web special, of course) when you sign a 2-year contract with Sprint. Head over to the Sprint website for more details.

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