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KDDI's HD streaming technology

KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications operator have come up with a new technology that allows HD videos that were intended to be displayed on large screens, to be streamed onto phones without any loss in image quality. Because not all phones have a screen large enough to view videos in HD properly, this technology lets users zoom into an area of a streaming HD video- the rest of it is cropped out. When the video is in such a high resolution, the crop is more like a zoom in when it’s displayed on the phone’s small screen. Because this process is done server side, cropping a video essentially makes it smaller, which means less data will be sent out from the carriers to the users. Though it’s going to be challenging to implement this technology properly- if the angles of the video are constantly changing, users have to keep moving the zooming camera in order to watch a video completely. Watch a video of it in action after the break:

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