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HTC Droid Incredible

Verizon has just announced that the HTC Droid Incredible will be receiving a major OTA update next week that includes access to the V Cast Apps market. This update makes the Droid Incredible to receive V Cast Apps- the Verizon’s very own app market. Since Verizon’s announcement awhile ago, we wonder if any worthwhile apps have been submitted to them for approval on V Cast Apps. The major benefit of V Cast Apps over the Android Market is the availability of carrier billing- which is a more convenient form of payment, and will allow people without a credit card to make app purchases. The update also promises and updated Flash player, enhanced support for Yahoo! IMAP mail, the ability to seamlessly switch between portrait and landscape mode in Google Maps and more. No exact date was stated besides the 7-day frame of “next week”. Are you looking forward to these updates for your Droid Incredible?

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