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Mobile networks go green

GSMA has just announced that they will be launching a Mobile Energy Efficiency (MEE) Network Benchmarking Service in order to help mobile network operators (MNOs) to lower their energy costs and carbon footprint. With the MEE benchmarks, MNOs can see where they stand when compared to other MNOs in the same line. It has been hard to make comparisons between different MNOs because they have all been using different technologies, are located in different countries with different population densities, geographies and climates- the MEE methodology is expected to change all that and provide a fair standard that can be used around the world. The MEE benchmark will factor in Mobile network energy consumption per mobile connection, per cell site, per unit mobile traffic and per unit mobile revenue. With this benchmark, MNOs can use the information to help them reduce their energy costs to a level that is more acceptable. It’s good to see carriers doing their part to ensure a greener world. With some phones heading in the same direction, we’ll soon have a pretty green world in terms of mobile technology. Do you think that it will be enough to sustain our planet, or will it be too late?

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