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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 is a device that has been shrouded in mystery, and we guess we can’t blame Samsung for not wanting to spoil the surprise so early into the game, but what can we expect? Well if initial rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S3 will be the first Samsung phone to sport its Exynos 4412 quad-core processor, and as a trump card, will have a built-in inductive charger to allow for wireless charging.

While wireless charging is definitely not new technology, according to the rumors, it seems that Samsung will be taking wireless charging one step further by allowing the device to charge even when not placed on the charging mat. The rumors are claiming that the device will still be able to charge as long as its within one to two meters away from the charging mat.

Granted it does sound rather far-fetched, but Samsung has been known to favor “forward-looking connectivity”, so perhaps this new wireless charging feature isn’t really a stretch of the imagination at all. In any case, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now until we can get our hands on more details.

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