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Uberphones is a blog dedicated to mobile phones and tablets. It’s part of the Ubergizmo family, and was created because there are so much things going on in the mobile space that it should have its own blog. Uberphones is based in San Francisco, CA.


Eliane Fiolet, co-founder

Eliane Fiolet, Ubergizmo, co-FounderEliane is the co-founder and editor of Uberphones and where she writes about web applications, design and usability. In her parallel life, she owns a Corporate ID design business that helps companies create great brands. Prior to opening her own agency, Eliane worked for a top design firm, Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy, where she created identities for Fortune 500 companies. She also worked in the video game industry as a designer for an award-winning adventure game. Eliane holds a master degree in visual communication from the “Art Decoratifs” college. Twitter, Facebook

Hubert Nguyen, co-founder

Hubert Nguyen, co-founder, Ubergizmo, UberphonesHubert is the co-founder and editor of Uberphones and He is a retired graphics engineer who programmed special-effects demos such as “Nalu” or “Vulcan” at Nvidia. Hubert also managed their developer education program and edited the GPU Gems 3 book. Before joining Nvidia, Hubert was at 3dfx. Prior to that, he coded video games 3D-Engines. Hubert started to program 3D graphics in 1991 when he was involved in the underground European DemoScene. Twitter, Facebook

Tyler Lee, lead writer

Tyler Lee is a former wireless carrier employee. He loves technology and all the possibilities have always fascinated him. He spends spend too much time in front of the computer, blames World of Warcraft for that. He is huge fan of music and has been known to play at least four instruments to date, although that number might increase in the future. Fight Club is his favorite movie because of the awesome one-liners. He’s a foodie who thought of becoming a chef, but the ultimately preferred tech life.

George Wong, associate writer

When he’s not too busy getting his soul sucked out of him sitting in front of the computer, he finds the time to play the guitar, write songs, and draw terrible comics. Though usually harmless, nobody should mess with his mp3 collection- he needs his music to stop him from turning into a ferocious green monster.”

Edwin Kee, writer-at-Large

Edwin Loves dabbling with new technology, and subsists on a minimal amount of food with gaming as his main diet. He is currently in love with his Ice Blue DS Lite. He gets his gadget news on – news bytes served in minuscule chunks over a smartphone.

Michael Nguyen, system administrator

Michael is our system administrator, which means that he saves the day when the server goes haywire (from a traffic spike?). He holds a degree in computer sciences with a major in databases. In a previous life, Michael wrote hardware reviews for a computer magazine.