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zuk-z1-oakSince we are all about individuality in this life, it makes perfect sense if we were to do our bit in making sure that some of our personal stuff will stand out from the rest of the crowd. For instance, have you ever decorated your textbooks in schools with doodles of your own, or at least scribble down your name somewhere? The world of smartphones is not too different either, with everyone vying for a slice of the individualism market. The ZUK Z1 will now sport a special version that will feature a back cover that is made from oak wood, where it will retail for CNY 1,799 ($283 or €259 after conversion) – which is an additional CNY 100 ($15 or €14) compared to the regulr mode.

It is not as though you are paying through your nose for pick up a special edition model now, right? The oak that sees action in the special edition smartphone’s back claims to originate from the Appalachian Mountains in the US, hence what you see would be the pure, unadulterated color of the wood – which means no two models are the same. As for the hardware underneath the hood, everything else will be similar to the vanilla version of the ZUK Z1.

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