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toshiba-cortanaIt is close to a week since we brought you word that Toshiba will be throwing in a dedicated Cortana button onto their upcoming Windows 10 notebooks, but just which particular models will those be, we did not know back then. It looks like some light has been shed on the situation, where we now know which particular model should one aim for if one would like to enjoy this dedicated Cortana button while going about one’s everyday business on a Toshiba notebook.

The dedicated Cortana button will take over the function of the F1 key on the keyboard, which means we should take a minute’s silence to remember the F1 key and its functionality. After all, this is the key that most of us who grew up with computers hit each time we need some help, right? As for the remaining Fn buttons, those have been assigned to controls such as screen brightness and media playback, as usual.

Since Microsoft will be integrating technical support with Cortana, such as “replacement” does make plenty of sense, actually. There are different Toshiba notebook models revealed today that will come with the Cortana button, where among them include the Toshiba Satellite S-series, the Satellite Radius 2-in-1 convertible PC, the versatile Satellite Fusion, and the affordable Toshiba Satellite C.

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