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nokia-xNokia might be a name that many would associate with Windows Phone at the moment, but do remember that the manufacturer also has danced a little dance with Android before, in the manner of the family of Nokia X devices. However, the future of Nokia X devices does not look too bright at all, but this does not mean that Nokia is going to let it go down without a fight. No sir, word on the street has it that there is a new update for the Nokia X platform that will bring once missing features to the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL.

In fact, one of the most important additions would be the App Switcher, where users are then able to check out just what kind of apps are running at the moment on the smartphone, as well as allow folks to open up the particular app that they fancy at that point in time. Other than being able to cycle between these different apps, the update would also deliver a bunch of Microsoft apps and services, ranging from Outlook.com to OneDrive and OneNote.

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