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TMobileLogo_5T-Mobile has a dream – and that particular dream is to make a positive change in the mobile carrier industry, so when April 1st arrives, it seems as though T-Mobile will be making a move away from employer rate plan discounts. Of course, since nature abhors a vacuum, what then will T-Mobile replace employer rate plan discounts with? Apparently, each time an employee purchases a new device, they will receive a $25 T-Mobile reward card , so those who are in a family of four who upgrade their devices once annually would be able to gain $100 in T-Mobile reward cards, now how about that?

T-Mobile claims that the old programs were designed to assist big carriers in closing big corporate contracts, using their employees as bargaining chips. The change that will arrive this April 1st would help simplify wireless for everyone, regardless of whether you are an employee at a small or large company. [Press Release]

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