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zte-nubia-snapdragonEvery smartphone manufacturer needs a flagship model to make itself identifiable with the rest of the market. After all, you need to fight on more or less equal footing, don’t you? Samsung has their Galaxy S4, Apple with their iPhone 5s, while Nokia has their Lumia 1020, but what about lesser known brands like ZTE from China? Well, ZTE’s Nubia range did create quite a splash in the past, and here we are with word from Nubia’s General Manager Ni Fei, who recently mentioned that Nubia has plans to roll out their flagship device sometime in November or early December. This particular device will continue from where the Nubia Z5 left off, and chances are it would arrive with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

Other hardware improvements of the Nubia Z5’s successor will most probably include a better camera in addition to various user interface features. So far, the name of the upcoming flagship Nubia device remains to be known, but we are quite sure that all will be revealed soon.

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