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Windows 8 is believed by many to be a huge game changer as far as tablet operating systems are concerned, a market which is currently dominated by both iOS and Android. Well, Nokia has pretty much thrown in their lot with Microsoft with their series of Lumia Windows Phone based devices, so in a way would it really be a huge stretch of the imagination to think that Nokia could be releasing a Windows-based tablet in the future as well?

According to Digitimes, the answer is yes, and apparently we will be seeing Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet efforts come Q4 of 2012. The website is reporting that Nokia is set to release a 10” Windows 8 tablet with a Qualcomm dual-core processor and will be outsourcing the production of said tablets to Compal Electronics. We know that Windows 8 tablets will be arriving at some point in time, but Digitimes has been more miss than hit as of late, so we suggest taking all of this with a grain of salt for now until more information can be uncovered, but what do you guys think? Would a Nokia Windows 8 tablet be of extreme interest to you?

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