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While 3D movies might be something that has novelty value, it looks like the technology is being applied to events as well. As we all know, AT&T is set to get the LG Optimus 3D, except it will be renamed to the Thrill 4G, and to promote the launch of the handset, they will be throwing a concert with Jane’s Addiction performing on stage. It will be a private event so it looks like not everyone will be able to get in on it, but for those who do, it seems that some of them have been tasked to capture the entire performance with the Thrill 4G.

The resulting footage will then be collected and edited into a 60 minute documentary, which will then be uploaded to YouTube 3D and it will be the first of its kind. As we had reported earlier, leaked internal screenshots have pointed at the LG Thrill 4G being released on AT&T’s network in July, and with the event being held on the 25th of July, it looks like the chances are good that we might be seeing the device launched on the day itself.

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