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With all the fuss about privacy, malware and data leaks perhaps it’s time for Android users to start being serious about their device’s security. Granted it depends on what you do with your device, it could just be used for surfing the web and watching videos and listening to music, but if you require your Android device to fully function as a business person, i.e. checking your work e-mails, make purchases through your phone with your credit card or if you have a endless list of passwords that you need to remember then perhaps you should take a look at the SPB Wallet.

What it does is it stores your credit card information, passwords and pin numbers, passport numbers and other important information that you may need at a moment’s notice. All of this is AES-256 encrypted and can even be synced to the cloud using your Google account if you should choose to.

Granted it does seem odd given all the security issues with Android lately that you should put your faith into an app that will pretty much store all your sensitive data in one place. Then again this could be the answer to some of the security flaws of Android. It’s normal price is $7 but for now it is retailing at 50% off, an offer that will run until the end of the month.

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