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It is no surprise with Android’s open system that has allowed many malicious users and developers to create apps that are essentially malware but it looks like AT&T is coming up with a solution to help curb the problem of malware attacks on smartphones.

However this security service will most likely be rolled out some time in 2012 and while no platforms have been named yet it does seem that Android will definitely be counted as one of the platforms that would require such security against malware.

AT&T’s enterprise John Stankey saw the service as being near inevitable because of the growing base of smartphone users. There was already a surge in attacks, he said, and personal smartphones would be an increasing target. Everyday users weren’t signing on now mostly because they couldn’t see the threat in 2011, but that attitude was likely to change as there have been reports that malware attacks have gone up 400 percent.

“When you start asking [customers] what’s your willingness to pay for a solution, if they’re not a little frightened, their willingness to pay is nothing,” he explained.

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