android one rooted Android One Handsets Get Custom RootAndroid-powered smartphones are dime a dozen out there, but one of the things which actually make the Nexus range of devices from Google happen to be the fact that they are a whole lot more developer-friendly. When it comes to the Nexus branded devices, unlocking the bootloader is more or less as simple as plugging in a USB cable, before you enable USB debugging, followed by typing a command on your PC via the Android SDK, or at least fastboot. However, the recently announced batch of Android One smartphones could very well be as developer-friendly.

In fact, someone from the xda-developers forum has managed to successfully port over the ClockworkMod recovery in order to have it run on the first three Android One smartphones. Android One happens to be a platform that Google has thought up of, working alongside smartphone manufacturers to deliver extremely affordable Android smartphones that will offer a reliable software experience. Having ClockworkMod recovery installed, these handsets can be easily rooted, to perform backups or restore disk partitions, as well as perform other changes.

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acer iconica one 8 fcc Acer Iconia One 8 Arrives At The FCCIf you are in the market for a brand new Android-powered tablet, and yet do not want to blow your carefully balanced monthly budget, how about considering a player which is not too major, and yet has a fair amount of experience and background in the situation? Acer might be a decent candidate, especially when we hear of the Acer Iconia One 8 being an Android-powered device which sports an 8” 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display with a wide viewing angle, not to mention having it run on a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G Bay Trail processor.

First announced earlier this month, the approval from the FCC does point to a high chance of it making its way to the U.S., as it would be only a matter of time now. The Iconia One 8 carries the full device model number of Acer Iconia One B1-810, with a code named “Vesper 8”. It will be a low cost device, sporting decent features such as HDMI output, a microSD memory card slot, and Android 4.4 KitKat as the operating system of choice, seeing its chassis tip the scales at approximately 12 ounces while measuring 0.3” thin.

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iPhone 6 Plus owners, listen up! You might not want to hear about this particular development concerning your spanking new device, but you might want to take note of the situation. After all, making out like an ostrich with one’s head buried underneath the sand is not going to help the situation, and basically we are looking at the iPhone 6 Plus being able to be bent using one’s hands alone, and nothing else.

This bit of information is depicted in the video as seen above, and it follows up on earlier reports that the iPhone 6 Plus end up looking bent after spending a fair amount of time in the front pocket of its users. It does take a fair amount of effort for one to bend the iPhone 6 Plus with one’s hands, but the fact that it is possible to do so might prove to be rather disconcerting to some. Needless to say, the larger footprint does play a role, not to mention aluminum being a rather malleable element does not help the iPhone 6 Plus’ case. This might just see more people go ahead with the iPhone 6 instead of its larger sized sibling.

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Just how tough is the new iPhone 6 Plus? This particular smartphone might seem as though it is up for just about anything and everything, but chances are pretty good not only for the iPhone 6 Plus, but any other smartphone or consumer electronics device that you put up to simply break apart when it is on the receiving end of a Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper rifle. After all, this is some serious firepower that we are talking about here.

The iPhone 6 Plus meets its grisly end in a video that you can check out above, where high speed cameras have managed to get the job done well, letting us sit comfortably in our pajamas and sip on our favorite cuppa while watching the end of a perfectly new iPhone 6 Plus. Pretty much imbalanced world out there, don’t you think so? Others are scraping day by day just to get by, and here we are with someone shooting up an iPhone 6 Plus for fun – and of course, the novelty factor.

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blend BlackBerry Blend Arrives On Users’ Download ListsIt looks as though BlackBerry Blend is shaping up to be released the moment the BlackBerry Passport rolls out, and this is tipped to happen some time before we usher in the month of October. However, it looks like BlackBerry Blend will be compatible with not every single tablet out there, only selected models, and their own BlackBerry PlayBook looks set to miss the compatibility cut, too.

BlackBerry targets Blend to be an indispensable tool in the enterprise environment. For instance, a user can use his or her BlackBerry Passport in order to gather information while he or she is nowhere near the vicinity of the office. Blend can then access such information on a desktop computer at the office, letting your colleague check out what you’re working on, and should the organization rely on BES10, then Blend can be used in order to access the firm’s intranet.

BlackBerry Blend has appeared in the “My World” section of BlackBerry World, although clicking on it would end up with an error message.

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oppo r1 refresh Oppo R1L IntroducedOppo refreshes their Oppo R1 smartphone, having unveiled it all the way in South East Asia in the middle of this week in the form of the Oppo R1L. While it is considered to be a refreshed handset, plenty about the smartphone has more or less remained the same, including retaining the 5” display alongside 720 x 1280 resolution, although the quad-core MediaTek silicon has been replaced with a quad-core 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU.

In addition, the smartphone will also feature a metallic body that sports an extremely slim 7.1mm thin footprint. Keeping it company would be 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory, although there is no more way to expand upon that since there will be no microSD memory card slot that comes with it. The rear camera has received an upgrade however, hitting 13MP image quality now from 8MP. As for its pricing, it ought to retail for approximately $370 after conversion.

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htc one champs league HTC One (M8) Champions League Collector’s Edition Says It AllIt looks like the UEFA Champions League has kicked off earlier this week, and Real Madrid have let loose their frustrations on the continental stage with poor FC Basel being on the receiving end of five goals. It is not a good day for my favorite team Arsenal either, as they were on the losing end of business to boot. Ah well, at least we know that there is a new edition of the flagship HTC smartphone, where it is called the HTC One (M8) Champions League Collector’s Edition.

Everything about this handset is similar to that of the vanilla version of the flagship device, other than the fact that it will feature the UEFA Champions League logo engraved on its back, in addition to another engraving of the iconic Champions League trophy that teams have sought after to be the champions of Europe each year. It seems that this special collector’s edition handset can only be picked up as a prize in a competition, bummer.

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iphone 6 bump iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Camera Protrusion Disappeared?Say what you will, but it certainly does help if one were to take good and proper care of one’s appearance. After all, you do not get a second chance at making a first impression, so before you attend that major interview, why not make sure your hair is properly combed and styled, and your shirt is well tucked in, and there is no 5-o’clock shadow to worry about? Well, smartphones, too, would want to look at their very best it seems, and Apple looks as though they have gone out of their way to airbrush the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

On their website, looking at both of the recently released handsets do not seem to show the protruding camera in any way, which is rather weird, especially when you take into consideration that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus measures 6.9mm and 7.1mm in terms of thickness, respectively, which would mean the camera lens ought to stick out from a side profile. Would that actually cause people to turn away from making a purchase?

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galaxy grand prime Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Could Be Another Selfie HandsetSelfie handsets do seem to pick up its pace in recent times, and we have seen the likes of the Sony Xperia C3. This time around, however, we have Samsung and their upcoming model known as the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. This particular handset was caught in a photo over in Vietnam, where it is tipped to be released in the country some time in October with a rough price conversion of $236 thereabouts. Once it has hit Vietnam, do expect the handset to make its way across different markets down the road.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime’s hardware specifications, we are looking at a 5” display at a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels – which is not much to shout about. Underneath the hood lies a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, accompanied by 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory, which can be further expanded thanks to a microSD memory card slot. Lying at the back is an 8MP camera, and Android 4.4 KitKat would arrive right out of the box. Connectivity options include 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

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spice android one Spice Dream UNO Might Be First Android One Device To Be ReleasedIt is said that Internet giant Google intends to hold an event over in India later this week, where Google will most probably unveil the very first batch of smartphones which were developed to participate in the Android One Initiative. Needless to say, this would target the entry level market, so you will find local names such as Spice, Micromax, and Karbonn being part of the mix instead of the more established ones. Online store Flipkart might have jumped the gun, however, as everything else remains kept under wraps, as Flipkart revealed a product page that depicts the Spice Dream UNO.

Needless to say, this mistake must have been discovered not too long after, as the page itself has been removed, although a fair number of websites have already made mention of it. Some of the leaked hardware specifications for the Spice Dream UNO include a 4.5” 854 x 480 pixel display, 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, a quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor, a microSD memory card slot, a 5MP rear camera with flash, and a 2MP front facing camera, alongside dual-SIM support. It ought to retail for approximately $115 when available.

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