arirang as120 Arirang AS1201 A Uniscope U1201 Knock OffI suppose it is always good to continue from a point where someone has left off, but to blatantly copy something that someone has already done, that is just plain sad. It does seem as though North Korea has done that though with their Arirang AS1201 smartphone, which happens to be described as a “home grown” triumph of the technological prowess of North Korea.

This particular device happens to be a clone of the China-branded Uniscope U1201, where both of them will run on the Android platform. The Chinese version would knock you back by $100 thereabouts, which might sound like a bargain until you check out the entry level hardware.

We are talking about a dual-SIM, 3G enabled smartphone with 4GB of internal memory, 768MB RAM, a 540 x 960 resolution display, a dual core CPU, an 8MP camera and a 1,600mAh battery. Will North Korea’s clone sport anything better or improved? Not likely, and what kind of Internet would the North Koreans be able to take advantage of, anyway?

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gs5 zoom spotted Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Spotted In The WildIt is not surprising to hear that Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, considering how that is the route that they took with the Galaxy S5’s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Hence, a sequel to the Galaxy S4 Zoom is not far fetched, and it seems that the Galaxy S5 Zoom has been caught in the wild, in the form of a photo that is clearer than most of the other hurriedly snapped leaked photos of other devices in the past.

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motorola moto g forte Moto G Forte Launched In MexicoMotorola did talk about the Moto G Forte not too long ago, and while it seems as though this is going to be a brand new smartphone of its own altogether, apparently, reality paints a very different picture. Actually, the Motorola Moto G Forte is a regular Moto G albeit with the addition of a Moto G Grip Shell that has been thrown into the mix, hence fooling folks into actually thinking that this is a new variant of the Moto G.

It has already arrived in Latin American markets, launching in Mexico first via local carrier Nextel, where the Moto G Forte will come bundled with 50GB of free Google Drive storage. One ought to take note that the Moto G Grip Shell happens to be a $14.99 accessory on its own if you wish to purchase it directly from Motorola. Wider availability of the Moto G Forte remains to be seen as at press time.

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apple lens uspto Apple Picks Up Patent For Interchangeable iPhone Camera LensesCould Apple be moving in the same direction as that of DSLR cameras and system cameras, where one is able to change the lens to maximize the photography opportunities in a particular situation? The answer might lean more towards the affirmative than anywhere else, especially when you take into consideration that Apple has been granted a new patent which describes a method to attach lenses to the iPhone using a bayonet mount.

This particular patent was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office today, where it has been simply called “Bayonet attachment mechanisms”, where it describes a method of making use of a bayonet mount on your mobile device, enabling interchangeable camera lenses to be attached to it.

Such bayonet mounts tend to be used in cameras as well as other consumer products, where you push and twist one part into another so that they end up locked and secure, ensuring that the add-on part will not suddenly fall out due to tardiness. To unlock, it is equally simple – twist one part in the opposite direction, and you’re good to go. What next, iLenses? It would be interesting to see which optical company that Apple would work with if they want to bring this patent to a whole new level.

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ipad mini iPad Air & iPad mini With LTE Available In China Apple has just announced that they will be making available to folks living in China TD-LTE capable models of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, which would mean that high-speed LTE performance will be made available to iPad customers over in China. This would mean folks who pick up either model would be able to hook up to today’s most advanced cellular data networks at blazingly fast speeds.

The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display models which will play nice with TD-LTE will also be able to accommodate the TD-SCDMA mobile standard, where it will join with the current iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display WLAN + Cellular models, in support of Personal Hotspot connectivity, as well as other kinds of advanced cellular technology (including the likes of GSM/EDGE, DC-HSDPA, HSPA+) so that customers in China will be able to enjoy fast cellular access regardless of whichever iPad model that they decide to settle on eventually. [Press Release]

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TMobileLogo 5 T Mobile To Stop Employer Rate Plan DiscountsT-Mobile has a dream – and that particular dream is to make a positive change in the mobile carrier industry, so when April 1st arrives, it seems as though T-Mobile will be making a move away from employer rate plan discounts. Of course, since nature abhors a vacuum, what then will T-Mobile replace employer rate plan discounts with? Apparently, each time an employee purchases a new device, they will receive a $25 T-Mobile reward card , so those who are in a family of four who upgrade their devices once annually would be able to gain $100 in T-Mobile reward cards, now how about that?

T-Mobile claims that the old programs were designed to assist big carriers in closing big corporate contracts, using their employees as bargaining chips. The change that will arrive this April 1st would help simplify wireless for everyone, regardless of whether you are an employee at a small or large company. [Press Release]

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powered by android Google Looks At “Powered By Android” Boot Screen Requirement (Rumor)It is more or less a given that Android has successfully achieved a wider adoption rate compared to other smartphone platforms, but are the users themselves aware that they are actually using a Google product? Google does seem as though they are interested in raising the public’s awareness of their operating system with a rumor that points to devices that have Play Store access to feature the “Powered by Android” branding at the bottom of the screen when it boots up.

There are leaked documents out there that point to Google having requirements on the size and branding since Google claims that “a logotype loses impact when it becomes too small.” What do you think of this particular move – will it help Google out in the long run, and does knowing that it is a Google brand really matter when it comes to folks making a purchase decision for a smartphone? I would like to think that they are looking more towards the hardware specifications that the underlying OS.

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facebook logo 550x268 Facebook Announces 1 Billion Monthly Active Mobile UsersFacebook is definitely on a roll here, being a company that is worth many billions over. The thing about Facebook is, most of their acquisitions in recent memory such as WhatsApp and Oculus VR were paid in a mix of cash and stock, and we do know how stock prices go at the end of the day most of the time. It seems that mobile is the way to go for Facebook, as majority of the folks out there still Facebook from their smartphones.

In fact, it seems that Facebook has now more than a billion active mobile users, at least that is the figure that Mark Zuckerberg provided in a call with investors after Facebook picked up Oculus VR for $2 billion earlier this week, being a startup that specializes in virtual reality. Compare it to December last year, Facebook did have 945 million active mobile users, so to see it grow this much in just a matter of one quarter on the mobile front is an encouraging sign.

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windows phone latin america Windows Phone 8.1 Core Is Now CompleteJust when you thought that you are getting yourself all comfortable with Windows Phone 8, here we are with word that there is a very good chance of Windows Phone 8.1 being released for the masses to enjoy some time later this coming summer, in particular, this June or July. Why do we say so? Well, editor-in-chief of WPCentral, Daniel Rubino, did tweet that the good people over at Microsoft have already completed the core of Windows Phone 8.1, and while there are some bugs that need to be weeded out by the Consumer Experience (​CXE) team, it ought to be a couple of weeks before those are squashed for the software to be ready for manufacturers. (RTM).

Should the Windows Phone 8.1 RTM happen later next month, then it normally takes two to three months for the real deal to hit the masses, which would translate to the originally mentioned June or July release date for Windows Phone 8.1 on a commercial basis.

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xperia m android Sony Xperia M Gets Android 4.3 Jelly Bean UpdateThe Sony Xperia M was first introduced to an unsuspecting world last year, where it arrived with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in tow. Well, it ain’t too shabby to see a mid-range smartphone like the Xperia M receive an operating system update which will bump up the version number to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which is a good thing. Do bear in mind that this particular update seems to affect only the single-SIM Xperia M device, and it does not seem as though the dual-SIM model has started to receive this particular update.

Apart from that, one ought to take note that the update does seem to have been released for some carrier versions of the Xperia M in Europe and Asia, and not for the unlocked and SIM-free devices. It might take some time prior to your Xperia M handset receiving this update, so do be patient if it does not seem as though anything has happened. Take not that post update, your Xperia M ought to be on build 15.4.A.0.23.

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