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SonyXperiaZPrior to making Android smartphones, Sony (or Sony Ericsson as it was formerly known) made regular mobile phones, although they did distinguish themselves from the competition through devices like the Walkman and Cybershot series of mobile phones. There have been rumors that Sony could be doing the same thing for their Xperia lineup of Android smartphones, but so far there has not been any evidence. However according to the folks at Phone Arena, they claim to have received a tip that has suggested that Sony could be looking to release Xperia Cybershot and Xperia Walkman Android smartphones in Q3 2013. We suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now, but in the meantime here are some of their alleged specs – let us know what you think in the comments below!

Starting with the Xperia Cybershot, Phone Arena’s source claims that this phone will feature a sensor that will rival Nokia’s 808 PureView, and will come with a Carl Zeiss lens attached. Like the Sony Xperia Z, this phone will feature top of the line specs and a 5″ display. Next up will be the Xperia Walkman which similar to the Xperia Z and the Xperia Cybershot, will come with top specs and a 5″ display, although at this point in time we’re not sure if the hardware specs will differ between devices, or if it is merely the features that will be difference. The Xperia Walkman is rumored to come with a built-in amplifier chip and other Walkman features which should cater to the music lover. As it stands there are portable amplifiers one can buy for their phones, but as they cost quite a bit and aren’t exactly the most discreet, hopefully Sony’s answer to this problem will be more elegant. What do you guys think?

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