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z10If you can’t wait for the Blackberry Z10 to make its way to your country or carrier, then we guess the next best thing would be to get your hands on an unlocked model. Unfortunately for those in the US, the Z10 is not yet available, but the good news is that there are units available in the UK where the handset has been made available, and as well as in the hands of some lucky attendees who attend the Blackberry 10 launch. Now the bad news is that since supply is limited and demand is presumably high, early adopters can expect to pay through their nose if they hope to get their hands on the phone before everyone else. A quick search¬†on eBay has yield some results for the Blackberry Z10 with some enterprising sellers who are auctioning the device off for over $1,000! Yikes! You are of course welcome to bid on them but at such high prices, we think we’ll have to pass, but we expect that Blackberry fans with thick wallets might be interested. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to drop $1,000 for a Z10 before everyone else gets their hands on it?

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