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423619_321719041212580_294848307232987_961744_500816852_nWe’re sure that you have all heard of sleep walking, but if you have never heard of sleep texting, you’re not alone as this is a pretty new phenomena to us as well. However apparently this is slowly becoming a trend as a nursing professor has noted, claiming to have discovered that teens are actually responding to text messages in their sleep! It seems that because teens, and the rest of us, have become so used to texting that even in their sleep, a beep or notification informing them that they have a text will cause them to reply automatically. For the most part the text messages replied are usually in gibberish and don’t make an ounce of sense – after all we can only imagine the error rates one will get on a virtual keyboard while fast asleep! On the flip side, it has also been noted that some problems could arise from this, such as ex-girlfriends or boyfriends texting each other in their sleeping, saying things like how much they miss them and want to see them, but when they wake up they have no recollection of what transpired the night before. Have you been a “victim” of sleep texting? Or are you the perpetrator when it comes to sleep texting?

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