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pink-gsn2Another day closer to Valentine’s Day this coming February 14th, and we are presented with a spanking new color for a device which I am quite sure many ladies would not mind owning – a pink colored version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that has done gangbusters ever since it was released. Of course, one thing that most folks would ask is this, apart from the change in color, is there anything else about this variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that we should, er, take note of?

Not really, most of the other hardware specifications will remain the same, as the only change would be external and cosmetic. I guess if you have a tech loving girlfriend or wife and have a little bit of extra cash on the side to spare, then a pink Galaxy Note 2 might make for a decent Valentine’s Day gift. Having said that, there are four other colors to choose from, depending on the market that you are in – and they are blue, white, amber brown and ruby wine. We don’t expect the price point to change, either.

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