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Nokia-Asha-310If you are a busy bee who needs a functional handset that does not have all the bells and whistles of a smartphone, but basically, want a device that simply works, then you would not be able to go wrong with Nokia’s latest featurephone, the Nokia Asha 310 that comes with the ability to carry two SIM cards at once. Sporting Nokia’s Easy Swap Dual SIM technology, it was specially designed to make swapping between different SIM cards a snap.

The primary SIM card will remain tucked away nicely behind the battery, but the second SIM slot is at the side of the phone, letting you switch the second SIM easily without having to turn off the handset. Thanks to the SIM manager, you are able to assign unique profiles for up to five SIM cards, in addition to defining just which SIM card you want to use when it comes to calling, sending text messages or for using Internet data. Features of the Nokia Asha 310 include a 3-inch WQVGA, capacitive touch display, 20MB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, WiFi GPRS/EDGE and Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP connectivity, with a touted talk time of 17 hours. You will have to pony up around $102 for the Nokia Asha 310 when it arrives in Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and Brazil sometime in the first quarter of the year.

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