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We know that Nokia will be showing off some new phones at MWC 2013, but what exactly will they be? Considering that the Nokia Lumia 920 is currently their flagship device, we doubt that the Finnish company will be unveiling a new flagship device so soon, leaving us with possible mid to low ranged smartphones. Now if you’re in the market for something affordable, a recent Nokia ad for the Lumia 920 for Dutch carrier, KPN, has revealed a rather interesting device. Around the 5 second mark we can see a girl holding a mysterious Lumia device which seems to be a cross between the Lumia 822 and the budget Lumia 620 announced not too long ago, leaving us to speculate that it is possible that this could be a budget device Nokia could unveil at MWC. However there is also the chance that this device is merely a mockup, or a dummy unit and we could be speculating for nothing. Either way we will be live at MWC 2013, so do check back with us then for the details!

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