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Well that was quick. Yesterday we had reported that Google seemed to be adding a Google Now widget for Androids.  Today it’s available for download. Along with the widget are a few new features.

Users of Android 4.1 with Jelly Bean can download the widget. The widget shows daily weather, traffic in the area and so on. The information is updated via Google’s many services and products. The widget comes bundled with extra features like movie ratings available from Rotten Tomatoes. Users can also get movie passes from Fandango. Home searchers can get real-estate information from Zillo. Music button for songs played in voice mode and support for US collage sports.

The Widget sports all important Now cards on the home screen, as well as the lock screen for user convenience. The widget is resizable for the home screen. One reviewer Florence Ion found the widget took up the whole page on her Samsung Galaxy S III, but was able to re-size it. It is available on Google Play Store for download. See Official Android Blog

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