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Samsung_logoAs it stands, both HTC and Sony have smartphones with 5″ displays that have pixel densities of at least 440 PPI. Rumor also has it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could feature a 4.99″ display with 440 PPI as well, but apart from the use of the AMOLED display technology and the possibility of the Galaxy S4 incorporating the 8-core Exynos 5 processor, what else could Samsung do to help the Galaxy S4 stand out from the competition? Well according to a report from Digitimes, it seems that the South Korean company is/was experimenting with pixel layouts using hexagonal and diagonal pixels that could result in displays with pixel densities greater than 440 PPI! If this this true, it would no doubt allow Samsung to stand out from the competition not just amongst its Android peers, but against Apple’s iPhone 5 which currently sits at 326 PPI which admittedly is pretty sharp to the naked eye, although just like the case with camera megapixels and processor clock speed, we expect that if Samsung manages to achieve this, pixel density will definitely be on Samsung’s marketing to-do list.

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