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galaxy_note_2-625x1000The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty impressive device as it is, and we expect that its successor, the tentatively named Galaxy Note 3, will be even more impressive. How much so? Well according to a fresh set of rumors via the Korea Times, it seems that we can expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be quite a beast in terms of its size and performance. Assuming the rumors are accurate, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to feature a display sized at a whopping 6.3″, and unsurprisingly it will most likely be powered by Samsung’s recently announced Exynos 8-core processor. For those who aren’t familiar, Samsung’s new 8-core Exynos processor features two sets of four cores – four cores featuring Cortex A15s, while the other four will feature Cortex A7s. The chipset is expected to switch from core to core depending on the type of usage is required, i.e. regular use such as messaging and calling might use the A7s, while more intensive apps such as games might utilize the A15s. Either way the Galaxy Note 3 is merely a rumor at this point in time, so we suggest you not read too much into it at the moment, but what do you guys think? Is 6.3″ a bit too big as far as phone are concerned?

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