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lumia920Word on the street has it that Nokia could be releasing a high-end Windows Phone 8 handset for Verizon, and according to the folks at The Verge, the Nokia handset has been given the code name Laser and it is supposedly a variant of the Lumia 920. According to their sources, this handset is expected to debut alongside another Nokia handset code named “Catwalk” which is the metal-bodied Lumia 920, a handset which has been rumored for quite a while now. We’re not sure what sort of differences we can expect for Laser or Catwalk, but Microsoft is said to be pretty invested in the device and apparently will be spending quite a bit of money on marketing the device. Then again it’s a win-win situation for Microsoft, Nokia and Verizon if Windows Phone were to take off, so we guess we’re not surprised at Microsoft’s supposed investment in helping the handset launch to a great start. No word on when we will be seeing the device, but with MWC taking place next month, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Laser and/or Catwalk will be announced then.

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