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Does the Nokia Lumia 920 have any kind of weaknesses? Well, HTC thinks so, recently poking fun at the Lumia 920 by saying it is far heavier and larger than their HTC Windows Phone 8X, although there is a very good reason for the additional bulk found in the Lumia 920, considering how it needs that real estate space to stash away its high-performance camera component. Another strong point of the Lumia 920 is its optical image stabilization capability and exceptional low-light performance, although this is also a curse in normal, well-lit conditions.

It is said that Nokia is well aware of this two-edged sword on their flagship Lumia 920 device, and are already working on a software fix which will arrive in a future update. The thing is, there has been no official announcement just yet on when this software fix will arrive, and we do hope that Lumia 920 owners will not have to wait that long for it.

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