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Do you love teardown stories of new devices? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you can be quite sure that the Nokia Lumia 822 (which is a Verizon Wireless exclusive, mind you) will surely be your cup of tea, where it has been taken apart by a Chinese-based forum known as Tieba. Being slightly different from the regular Nokia Lumia 820, it sports a battery that is a wee bit larger as well as a superior front-facing camera, and upon taking it apart like how those zombies in The Walking Dead series have their guts split open and heads lobbed off by Michonne’s blade, so too, was it discovered that apart from a plastic frame and on the rear cover, there is also a wireless charging coil and NFC sensor which are easily spotted. What other devices would you love to see ripped apart for the masses to devour and slobber over?

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