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It is not everyday that we read about a particular gizmo or gadget exploding, but when we do, there are a few points to approach the topic from. For instance, is the explosion man-made, or is it genuine? After all, it can be quite hard to tell from pictures alone, and it could very well be an attention seeking stunt by folks who have too much money and time on their hands, with records of people shoving their tablet or smartphone into a microwave to melt it, amidst some other torturous methods. What we have here is the Google Nexus 7 allegedly exploding after its owner left it on to charge overnight – within three hours of plugging it in, smoke started to emanate as claimed, leading the device to appear as what you see on the right.

Apparently, the Chinese owner contacted Asus regarding his plight, and it seemed that Asus took this complaint rather seriously, investigating the cause of the explosion in a thorough manner but not forgetting their good manners, replaced his expired Nexus 7 tablet with a spanking new one. What do you think of the image on the right – go or no go?

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