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Right on the heels of the Developer Editions of the Droid RAZR M and Droid RAZR HD, along comes word that the Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition is on its way to the masses. Of course, there are some points for you to look out for first if you are interested in bringing home the Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition – no carrier subsidies are available, and the most affordable model at this point in time would be the RAZR M at $549.99 a pop. So far, we have yet to see the Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition priced, but you know for sure it will not cost just a couple of Benjamins.

Another caveat that concerns each of these Developer Edition smartphones would be this – once you unlock the bootloader, your warranty on the smartphone itself will be declared as null and void. Motorola is saying that they will wash their hands off any responsibility for what you might do with your smartphone should you replace the firmware with your very own concoction.

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