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While plenty of information concerning Windows Phone 8 was revealed at the recent Microsoft event in Seattle, it does seem as though the prodigal child known as Windows Phone 7.8 failed to shine in any way. There was not a single item on Windows Phone 7.8 revealed there, but good thing there are always loose lips somewhere else if you just know where to dig. The Windows Phone Italia Facebook page seemed to be a whole lot more co-operative, where the administrator of the page actually answered a question from a fan, sharing word on the new range of features that one can find in Windows Phone 7.8. Good thing there is a screenshot of the page before the response was duly deleted, making us suspect all the more that what was shared was actually legit.

Among the new improvements found in Windows Phone 7.8 include a new homescreen, something which is called ‘Club’ – perhaps that could comprise of Rooms, Xbox Music and SmartGlass? While Facebook is not exactly the most reliable source of information, we do think that there is a very high chance that what was shared was legit. What do you think?

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